The lighthouse at La Corbiere on the south west tip of Jersey in the Channel Isles.

The name means ‘a place where the crows gather’. I have to admit that I didn’t see any crows, but I did spend quite a few hours mesmerised by the waves watching the incoming tide cover the causeway.

What a fantastic walk!

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Words and photographs Copyright © 2015 by Antony J Waller

Larger than life this bronze sculpture called ‘Jersey Girl’ is a real head turner at Liberty Wharf St Helier.

By Rowan Gillespie and inspired by the Channel Islands wartime history ‘Jersey Girl’ flies naked through the air representing the freedom of women after WWII.

And beneath her feet on the ground below is written:-

All good
things are wild and free
Henry Thoreau

No-one is free even the birds are
chained to the sky
Bob Dylan
Freedom is just chaos with better lighting
Alan Forster

Words and photographs Copyright © 2015 by Antony J Waller

‘Victory in Europe’ day was celebrated on May 8th 1945 but in the Channel Islands, occupied by the Germans since 1940, liberation followed a day later on May 9th.

This year marked the 70th anniversary and in Jersey ‘Liberation Day’ in St Helier was concluded with a spectacular firework display over the bay and Castle Elizabeth.



Words and photographs Copyright © 2015 by Antony J Waller





On the outskirts of the mid-Cornish village of Roche stands a rugged outcrop of granite rock casting a jagged shadow across the bleak and windswept moorland landscape.  And built upon the highest rock, and into the rock itself, are the ruins of a 15th century haunted chapel. This is the atmospheric and eerie Roche Rock.


Once thought to be the dwelling place of early religious hermits living in a small oratory or cell a larger chapel was built above in the early years of the 15th century and dedicated to St Michael.

Local folk legend says the 17th century magistrate Jan Tregeagle, sent to hell for his sins and then reprieved, sought sanctuary in the chapel after being set a series of impossible tasks. Another legend suggests Roche Rock may be where the Cornish knight Tristan eloped with the Irish princess Iseult to shelter from their pursuers.

The chapel is accessible by an iron ladder hammered into the rock and you can climb the 66 feet (20 metres) to the flat rocked summit where you are assailed by the screaming wind and the shadows of the clouds across the rocks. Or is it the screams of a murdered miner you can hear and is that his shadows flitting between the rocks?

Words and photographs Copyright © 2015 by Antony J Waller


Lake Gormire sits beneath Sutton Bank and the Hambleton Hills in North Yorkshire. The other morning there was a thin covering of snow and it was bright and sunny….

Spot the deer!

Behind a tree at StudleyRoyal in North Yorkshire.


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