Lake Gormire sits beneath Sutton Bank and the Hambleton Hills in North Yorkshire. The other morning there was a thin covering of snow and it was bright and sunny….

Spot the deer!

Behind a tree at StudleyRoyal in North Yorkshire.

At the Yorkshire Aboretum, Castle Howard.

Flying geese

That’s how the old nursery rhyme begins. But on a recent walk in my local woods to a nearby lake it was more a case of ‘Geese inbound, 12 o’clock high’.

A bright sunny day and the migrating geese were clearly on a stop over to refuel and re.charge before continuing their journeys. They flew overhead in the V formations, circled, then landed on the surface of the lake.

In the short time I watched over a hundred geese must have landed in small groups, all talking and ‘barking’ to one another.

It made a great spectacle.

Angel of the North

As public sculptures and works of art go the ‘Angel’ is unmissable, quite literally so. Approach Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England by road or rail from the south and you can’t fail to see her welcoming embrace!

Standing on a low hill at Gateshead on the south side of the River Tyne and said to be the largest angel sculpture in the world the Angel is made from 200 tonnes of steel and stands 20 metres tall (65 feet) with outstretched wings of 54 metres (154 feet), almost on a par with a jumbo jet.

The iconic ‘Geordie’ landmark was designed by sculptor Anthony Gormley, built in Hartlepool and erected on site and completed in February 1998.

Whether you love her or hate her you certainly can’t miss her.






The Yorkshire Dales prepares to pull on its autumnal coat, near Muker Upper Swaledale.





But watch out, there’s a black sheep

on the slates!

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