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Everyone likes a carnival and Funchal’s annual spring time Flower Festival makes a glorious spectacle as a procession of decorated floats and dancers make their way along the waterfront. A veritable feast of music and dance, a riot of colour and dazzling costumes, hundreds of happy smiling faces and an abundance of flowers and blooms. Here are just a few photographs from this year’s festival:-









Words and photographs Copyright © 2018 by Antony J Waller





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Doorways, once shabby and neglected, in the narrow streets of the Zona Velha (old town) district of Funchal Madeira now invite you to stop and stare and to wonder what lies behind. There are several hundred colourful, painted portals. Here are just a few:-

(click on image to enlarge)





















Words and photographs Copyright © 2017 by Antony J Waller

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