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…may 2017 bring you health, happiness and good cheer.

(photo-the morning sun shining through the trees in Jesmond Dene Newcastle upon Tyne)

Photograph Copyright © 2017 by Antony J Waller


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Whichever way you look it’s 2014.

Happy New Year everyone!


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Where am I?

Where am I? What happened? It just seems like yesterday. I can clearly remember going Christmas shopping ( I even blogged about it), seeing the house all nicely decorated, the lights twinkling on the tree, the turkey, the ham, the wine, unwrapping presents, then nothing.

Yes, I know at this time of year days often blur into one. Is it a week day or the weekend? You have a late night, its cold and dark in the morning, you sleep in; breakfast becomes lunch, lunch crawls into supper and in between you just keep eating and drinking.

But I know something is wrong. At first I thought perhaps I had hibernated and missed a couple of months. A look in the mirror did not reveal a wild head of hair or flowing beard or skeletal frame. Still puzzled I checked the news and the papers. I could not spot anything untoward. They were still talking about snow and ice and winter. The sports pages were still running stories of football and victory in the Ashes cricket series down under in the summer sunshine.

Then I thought maybe it was me. I was going completely mad, finally lost me marbles and a grip on reality. You see I was convinced it was still early January, but it’s difficult not to believe the evidence of your own eyes. The supermarket shelves were laden with Easter Eggs, so it must be early April, mustn’t it?

Happy Easter everyone, hope your New Year started well.

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