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Lake Gormire sits beneath Sutton Bank and the Hambleton Hills in North Yorkshire. The other morning there was a thin covering of snow and it was bright and sunny….

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There’s no escaping the snow, even on the sea shore. A few pictures from a walk along the beach yesterday at nearby Redcar.

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Yes, I know it’s winter and winter often brings snow but not usually at this time of year and not this much!

Snow has been on the ground now for well over a week and the ‘oooh, it’s snowing’ …’don’t you like the sound and feel of crisp snow underfoot’ …and…’there’s something about everywhere being covered in a virgin white shroud’ is starting to wear a bit thin.

It’s closer to the truth to say…’damn, it’s snowing again….I’ll have to brush off the car and sweep the path and drive yet again’….’this hard packed snow on the pavement is a bugger to walk on’… and besides the crisp white fluffy stuff has in places turned various shades of slushy brown and it’s a mess.

And just to make matters worse….

“…Yorkshire has recorded its coldest night since records began, weather experts say. BBC Look North correspondent said the temperature at Topcliffe, near Thirsk in North Yorkshire, was -19C early on Friday. He added that this was the coldest temperature recorded in Yorkshire since records began. On Sunday the temperature at Topcliffe dropped to -14C, bringing Yorkshire its coldest ever night for November.”

No, I am not complaining…just saying! We love our unpredictable and varied weather really.

Here are a few more pictures of local scenes.

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