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Doorways, once shabby and neglected, in the narrow streets of the Zona Velha (old town) district of Funchal Madeira now invite you to stop and stare and to wonder what lies behind. There are several hundred colourful, painted portals. Here are just a few:-

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Words and photographs Copyright © 2017 by Antony J Waller


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The city of Wells in Somerset is playing host to a giant flock of Swans this summer. A bevy of graceful 5 ft high swans! The Swans of Wells is a public art event to celebrate England’s smallest city and to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. 60 colourful swans grace the streets and parks until September. Here are just a few for those who  can’t get there:

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Groovy man, I mean like WOW, how cool, kinda blows my mind dude. Heavy, I’m solid gone, freakin’ out here. Woah. You are probably saying ‘what’s he been on this week!’

I refer to this….” piles of dog mess have been spray painted bright green by a Dorset council to shock owners into picking up their pets’ waste” (BBC news website).  What a fantastic idea. Who thinks up such magnificent schemes? But let’s take it a step further. If one or two dog owners trained their pets to perform like Picasso, or Constable or even Andy Warhol the streets of Dorset will be a real picture. A mecca for a new school of art. The psychedelic streets movement.

Then I thought, why stop there? Come on you Council officials, where’s your artistic bent (no, I don’t mean your bending down to spray the stuff in the first place), I mean your vision. How about a luminous green spray to aid anyone walking the streets at night, or using different colours to brighten up boring pavements, dull alleyways and blighted areas.

On second thoughts, why stop with dog poo. There’s all the litter too. Chewing gum could be bright pink and we could then have miles of spotted pavements. Cigarette ends could be sprayed purple. Fast food packaging and beer cans red. Perhaps draw the line at litter that is prone to blow about. Well you would not want a wet, freshly sprayed piece of newspaper catching you behind the legs would you! Then what about those cracked paving flag stones or raised kerbs. A smart bright blue would be fetching. The potholes in the road. There are plenty of those around after last winter still awaiting repair. A vibrant orange would look nice this autumn.

Finally the weekend drunks littering the town centres. I’ll let you decide on that one. Separate colours for men and women?

Of course the Council could just clean everything up in the first place. Not such a colourful solution though!

Dog mess being spray-painted

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