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A visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is always a good day out, and never more so than on a sunny, warm October day.

For more information visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park https://ysp.org.uk/


Photographs Copyright © 2018 by Antony J Waller


















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The day of the race and we’ve put the flags out! My village in pictures:-


And then the race came through. A few photographs from the hairpin bend on the ‘Cote de Sutton Bank’ :-


Photographs Copyright © 2018 by Antony J Waller


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The delightful historic coastal town of Whitby nestling beneath the ruins of a thirteenth century abbey, famous for Captain James Cook RN, Bram Stoker and ‘fish n chips’ always makes for a good photo-fest. Here are just a few images and some of the characters from a recent visit:-



Words and photographs Copyright 2017 by Antony J Waller



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NIK_9355Yorkshire Day, the first day of August, a day when Yorkshire folk wear with pride the White Rose and celebrate all things Yorkshire.

A day when Yorkshire puddings are eaten, ferrets stuffed down trousers, pigeons fancied, whippets raced, flat caps thrown in the air, rhubarb thwacked and ale quaffed with much mirth and merriment.

Nowt so queer as folk, you may think.

But as we say hereabouts:-

‘Ear all, see all, say nowt,
Eyt all, sup all, pay nowt,
And if ivver tha’ does owt fer nowt
Allus do it fer thissen

‘ave a reet good (Yorkshire) day.

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On a bright and sunny March day I set off to find and photograph a legend from those glory days of the railway when trains were hauled by steam locomotives with evocative names, none more so than the Flying Scotman.

Across the North Yorkshire moors and nearing the village of Goathland I had never seen so many cars parked on the verges of the narrow moors roads vying with the sheep for a vacant patch of grass. Goathland itself was no better and the tiny station there was a mass of expectant faces waiting for the 12.44 from Grosmont (which wasn’t even scheduled to stop).

“Stand back, please,” a volunteer platform attendant asked. “Someone fell off at Grosmont yesterday!”

Nevertheless we craned to see as the high pitched toot of a whistle sounded and a column of steam appeared around the bend up the line. On it came, wreathed in steam, and then it was gone as the maroon carriages clanked by. My first glimpse of the Flying Scotman, albeit quite brief.

We’d catch the return, but not here. A mile or so up the line at Darneholme where the line passes beneath a narrow stone bridge. Even here up to 50 people gathered to stand and watch. Hovever, being the return journey from Pickering, the mighty Flying Scotsman was puffing backwards pulling its maroon entourage.

One final try. Onto Pickering to catch her steaming into the station. Again crowds lined the platform whilst others sought a vantage point. And as the train steamed into view you it was to the sound of bagpipes being played. As for photographs I managed to snap a few…

Words and photographs Copyright © 2016 by Antony J Waller










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NIK_15304 - CopyThis year it’s not just the autumn colours making a breathtaking appearance at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. As well as the rich golden hues of this ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ there are also the vibrant reds of thousands of ceramic poppies.

NIK_15290 - CopyFor on display, cascading from the stone parapet of a bridge into the waters of the lake below is a wave of poppies; some of the iconic commemorative ceramic poppies from last year’s exhibition held at the Tower of London. They grabbed the public’s spirit and attention then and they do so again now, this time in the glorious surroundings of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

I hope you can manage a visit.

NIK_15256 - Copy

NIK_15291 - Copy

NIK_15261 - CopyNIK_15266

NIK_15276 - CopyNIK_15280

NIK_15298 - Copy

Words and photographs Copyright © 2015 by Antony J Waller

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…August 1st, Yorkshire Day.

A day when Yorkshire puddings will be eaten, ferrets stuffed down trousers, pigeons fancied, whippets raced, flat caps thrown in the air and much ale quaffed.

“Nowt so queer as folk”, or as we also say in these parts:-

Hear all, see all, say nowt,
eat all, drink all, pay nowt,
and if tha’ does owt for nowt
Always do it for theesen

Have a good (Yorkshire) day.

NIK_13844 - Copy

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Steam clouds on the horizon…

NIK_13782 - Copy-Copy

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